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A Laurel Ceremony

snailstichr was elevated to the Laurel at Lilies, five years ago.
Herald:          O come now, Laurel College, all learnéd and sage.
          May you speak with the wisdom that comes with your art.
          By your hands are created the works of past age.
          Your High Sovereign and Consort would hear from your hearts.

          I am Christaen Jannsen who shapes clay by hand
          And as long as I’ve labored in southernmost shire
          Has there been too an artist, a prize of our land
          By the worth of her handwork she lifts herself higher.

          I am Liriel, Laurel, whose stitching brought fame.
          Many years have I watched as her needle skill grew.
          In both teaching and knowledge we’re judged now the same.
Liriel and Christaen
          Now as Laurels we humbly do seek boon from you.

Liriel:  For her skill and knowledge
Christaen:  And teaching and fostering of embroidery and needle arts,
Liriel:   We do ask that Fionna nic Alisdair be recognized as a Mistress of the Ancient
and Right Worshipful Order of the Laurel.Read more...Collapse )

          And receive now the dubbing, which by skill have you won
          May you always keep learning and building your skill.    DUBBING RIGHT
Belle:   May you treat all as equals, as you’ve always done.  DUBBING RIGHT
Both:  May this Laurel bring joy, as We know it will.  DUBBING HEAD

Anton:  O arise now good Laurel and go through the world
          Let all know this action was proper and meet.
Belle:  As the Order enfolds you and banner’s unfurled
          May you hear now the cry when strong work is complete.

Laurels:  Ta – da.

Anton:  Let the herald now read forth the words of Our Writ
Which Andrixos, her husband did ably compose
Belle:  Lady Eostre, gold belted with pen and true wit
          Marked Our Words and Our Wills so eternity knows.

Late for Pennsic, again

It happens at least every other year.   My plans for Pennsic are set.  I visit the nieces and nephews in South Bend (Oh, and Mom, Brother, and Sister-in-Law, as well).   Then there is a realestate emergency, delaying my departure.  Two years ago it was a busted pipe in a rental unit I had a tenant moving into on the Sunday of Land Grab.  Of course I found out the Friday of land grab.  I arrived in time for Rhodri's opening Monday bardic, but just barely.  This year, it is two units, that have been vacant for almost a month.  The big one, which has had one tenant since I owned it, had been in bad shape when I bought the place in 2007, had deteriorated in the mean time.  I had budgeted a month, and had a fyrdman on the payroll for a good part of the time, but there was so much to get done.  I hope to leave Sunday by 3pm.  Snailstichr and I still want to go to South Bend, as there is a niece she has never met, and another, looking forward to second grade, who wasn't yet talking when last they met.  I am to bed soon to be going, and little will stop me.

An Account of Pavel's Wake

I had been asked by someone far away for an account of the Celebration of Master Pavel that we held last weekend in Grimfells.  Here is what I wrote:

We had about 130 present at the wake, from 4 kingdoms, including Drachenwald (Duke Siridean and his wife Countess Siobhan were in town).  Things started about noon.  There was open fighting and then a tournament in Pavel's honor.  It was won by Sir Wulfric, one of Pavel's grandsquires (through Duke Joe Angus).  The tournament was followed by an understaffed game of Blood of Heroes, without the "proper" mix of weapons.  Archery happened throughout the day.  Many old friends showed up.

There was a group picture taken, visible at the following link.


There was a steak thing, singing, and drinking of prodigious amounts of beer, as well as gin and tonics.  Stories were told, tears were shed, songs were lifted to the heavens.

Late night eggrolls were produced in mass quantities, overwhelming the drunks. 

Into the fire was committed an honorably retired plywood scutum from Moonschadowe, the Ansteorran Province that has adopted so many of the Calontir ways (though they use plywood instead of aluminum).  The fire lasted well into the early hours.

He was given a good send-off.  Pictures may be viewed here:




Schedule change

Due to the extreme turmoil of the past 10 days, which includes two renters moving out (which while a good thing, is not without its issues), hiring a workman to carry out the rehab work in the third empty rental unit, all the activities surrounding the death of my dear friend, and the ongoing rewrapping of trim dampened by Lilies, I have fallen behind.  I already cancelled my trip to Atenveldt as a lead-in to Antir West War, and have now cancelled AnTir West.  Instead this weekend, I will be at Ansteorran Crown Tourney.


Upon this laptop, I have written many powerful pieces, managed a business, corresponded with friends and family, and so much more.  But before I begin, I must do one thing.

You see, almost 4 years ago I purchased this computer at a Black Friday sale.  Paul insisted that before I started really using it, Ishould bring it by so that he could install all the latest and best anti-malware, virus-hunting and hacker shield software available.  It was one more example of an open-handed offer to help that has been re-echoing through all the stories that I have heard these past ten days.

So I did the very initial set-up of the computer, performing introductions and registrations.  The computer required a password to return to active use after prolonged inactivity.  I mindlessly typed in my “standard” password (Yes, this is a public announcement that I do not practice particularly good password protection protocols.), but then thought, I will need to give Paul this password, so that he can operate the system to do those installations.

So I chose as my system password, “pavel”.  I figured neither he nor I would forget it.  He installed the software, and the system has performed admirably through all that time.  I never bothered changing that system access password, and have shared it with others who might need to use my computer.

Before I begin, I must do one thing:  I must invoke the name of pavel.  Names have power, and his has so much.  I shall continue to invoke his name.

Farewell, dear friend, and thanks for all the help.

OAF Scroll

We, THE, and Catastrophic, Top Dog and Pretty Lady of Calontir, wish to HARPy upon the stuff done by the sHARPyEST dressed Huscarl, the HARPY who done broke the Broken HARPy by drinking it dry, or sew it seems.  'Cuz what she drank has given Us a hangover and what she has done has given Us a /hangover/ (lined out) Party where ever she walks, We gots to say that Cassandra Peverall-for-one-and-one-for-all really ought to be an OAF 'cuz there are few lower than her, espekally whe she is sleeping in ditches.  So We lower her that way and raise her to be one of those the kingdom looks to whey searching for frivolity.  Done on the 14 June, AS 48 when sky go BOOM at Lilies.

THE iii        Catalina

Top Dog      Pretty Lady

The text and kakagraphy (classic hatchet-hand) were done by AndrixOAF.  The illumination, including a Royal seal with a ball on its nose, an anatomically correct Harpy, a Unibronee (My Little Pony as a Unicorn) puking rainbows and cupcakes, and dinosaurs producing fewments, was done by Mistress Fionualla, Lady Sibylla, and Lord Hans.

The Order of the Archaic fewment is a joke award for those who are the class clowns of the kingdom.  They unofficially fall to the bottom of the order of precedence, and are consulted on games and merriment for the Kingdom Parties at foreign wars.  Lest you think the OAFs are easily dismissed, know that one third of them hold an Augmentation of Arms, and the average number of Peerages per OAF is 1.35.


A Peerage Scroll

Since the scroll was delivered this weekend, I may now lift the embargo on the text.

Quite some time ago, I was asked to write this text.  I spoke to the recipient's wife, hoping to gain further details of his time period and persona.  The response that I got was "Calontir".  Not a great help in the beginning, but I think you can see where it drove me.

The knighting was done at the Roman Fort at Lilies, just before it was to be levelled.

Hear, O Calontir, these words and thoughts of Your Sovereigns, Valens and Comyn.
It is the great law of the world that all things decay, wither, and die.  The glory that was Rome, spread across three continents by the greatest army of the ages, is now but dust and tumbled stones.  The reign of Arthur, and the splendor of Camelot, resides now only in the realm of poets and storytellers.  The Saxon dominion over England, from which we as a people trace our descent, ended in the disaster of a single day.  A knight, well beloved in Our Lands and Our Hearts, felt compelled to retire from his martial peerage.  We stand this day on a sturdy bulwark, raised by the hands of Our Subjects, yet know that within a fortnight, it shall be plowed back into the dirt, leaving no trace of the glories it has witnessed.  And truly do We know that before the seasons turn again, We shall be required to surrender these Falcon Crowns, and shall rule no more. 
               But as true as it is that the brightest light of summer is followed by dark night, so also is it certain that the darkness shall be broken by the rising of a new sun, that glory might be reborn, continue, and grow.  Just as Arthur, facing the doom of his final battle, knighted young Tom of Warwick, begging him to spread the tales and truth of Camelot among all England’s lands, so do We choose to hear the words and pleadings of Our greatly esteemed Earl Roderick of Mandrake Hill, no longer bound to Us as sworn Knight, but bound as truly to Us through his love of this land.  He has asked Us that the man once his squire, Baron Duncan Bruce of Logan, fully recognized as a defender of the ideals of the Heartland, be recognized now and always for his martial prowess and steadfast commitment to act in all ways proper and upright. 
               As Our minds are in full concord with this pleading, so do We, Valens and Comyn, entrust this same Duncan Bruce of Logan with Sword and White Belt, Spurs and Authorities, Peer’s Mantle and Responsibilities, Gold Chain and Fealty Oaths, and  ask from him unending service to Ourselves and Those who follow Us, and the people of the Heartland.   We proclaim him now and henceforth to be a Knight, equal in right and obligation to all Brothers and Sisters of the Order of Chivalry, and elevate to the Rank of Peer of the Realm, charged ever and always with the solemn task of administering the Crown’s Justice, within the Laws and Customs of Our Realm.  We further confirm to him by Letters Patent his arms, to wit: Gules, a mallet within a two-headed snake in orle, heads at either end and respectant Or.  All these things do We do, say, proclaim, and enact by Our Royal Will, the Right of Law and Custom, and confirm by Our Hands and Seals this sixteenth day of June, in the Thirty-Fifth Year of the Society, at Our Fifteenth Lilies War.

Valens      Comyn

I believe that Fionna, Logan, and Fionualla are the only people that I have written two texts for.

So this weekend I was in Jaravellir for Northshield Crown Tourney, and the 40th year celeration of the Barony.

Mid-morning, Master Dahrien mentioned that he was co-ordinating the feast entertainment, which was to be focused on Northshield.  He asked if I had anything that fit that, and my response was, "Not yet."

I actually started paying some attention to the tourney, asked some questions about the seemingly unusual aspects of the tourney, and started writing.

This piece is in "City verse", my way of referring to Political verse, in a way that avoids me having to say, "No, not political in the modern sense."

Two entries below this one, you may read Konstantia's Calon Cross scroll also written in City verse.

It is an unrhymed style leaning heavily on meter.  There is a caesura (brief pause) in the middle of each line.  Insert the pause while you read it, even silently.

                               The Victory of Prince Hrodir
In fair Northshield in month of May as spring brought forth her bounty
From far flung shires fresh cleared of snow and five lands ruled by barons
To Jararvellir, that ancient place came all the Kingdom’s subjects
By Morgan’s call, the Gryfon King, who with him reigned fair Lusche.
The day decreed by law and lore to find the Kingdom’s princeling.
Full dozen men did seek the prize by dint of armored combat.
Each swore an oath to serve the land inspired by his consort.
The names were called, each pair stepped forth and gave the Crown their promise:
To wisely rule and justly serve to help the land to prosper.
A dozen shields, well limned with arms, came from the King’s own workshop,
And likewise twelve keen sharpened blades were doled out to the venans.
Each harnessed new with unknown gear must stand alone with prowess.
O great the hero’s deeds that day and great the acts of valor!
How each advanced and each man fell, I leave to learned scholars.
Of names and arms I’ve want of wit, this simple old trim-monger.
But soon the lyst was cut to two, Duke Hrodir and Sir Murdoch,
And when the herald made to speak, Duke Hrodir begged for silence.
He told the realm of Murdoch’s strengths and of his love for Katlin.
Then Murdoch too took up the task; praised Hrodir for past Kingship.
The Countess Anne did not lack love, for Murdoch gave her honor.
Two fights of three two times of three would show Northshield its future.
First triad, Murdoch’s victory, the second went to Hrodir.
Three fights remained to claim the Crown, but could the shields withstand it?
The strength of sword-blows of these men the floor with sawdust littered.
First Hrodir claimed a victory, and Murdoch soon did answer.
A fight remained the Crown to win; the hall was thick with tension,
But not in fear for health of land for either would rule wisely.
Soon vict’ry came to Hrodir Prince as Murdoch was defeated.
A joyous shout did fill the hall, renewed was Northshield’s lineage.
The business of the day discharged the people then did mingle
And celebrate Jararvellir’s birth; its age was two times twenty.
Good feast and dance and times of joy did last far after star-rise,
And Northshield had its new-found heirs, by means of holmgang tourney.

A trip to the library

My mother is visiting this week. We have just returned from the library, where I checked out a copy of a movie to
help her prepare for a laity led service at church that she is involved in later in the month.

The Movie: The Life of Brian

The Theme of the Service: The Gospel According to Monty Python

Why, yes, she is Unitarian. Why do you ask?

Two more scroll texts

This weekend, at Crown in Three Rivers, I was overjoyed to hear two of the scroll texts I wrote read and enacted, not so much for hearing my words, but for the recognition they conveyed.

When Donngal did reign as King and Catalina with him

All Calontir did live in joy for arts and crafts did prosper.

Within the realm there toiled with love for sake of Art’s enhancement

Konstantia Kaloethina lived on the Sea Forgotten

With jeweler’s tools she wove gold wire and on it mounted gemstones

But greater still the work she did inspiring hosts of craftsmen

Nobelese Largesse has blossomed forth and yielded rich art’s harvest

Throughout Knowne Worlde rich noble gifts are made for sake of others

And with each work a friendship grows and also love of learning

And now in half score foreign realms is taken up the pattern

Her plan embraced, the arts extolled, and craftsmen trading treasures

Such wondrous works could not stay cloaked from eyes of King and Consort

And so this day They do proclaim her worth to Crown and Kingdom

And at the Order’s strong request induct her as a member:

The Calon Cross her newest rank, reserved for realm’s great servants,

Shall welcome her with open arms, amazed at what she’s fostered.

She has all rights decreed by law and also Kingdom’s custom

All order’s conclaves shall attend and guard safe all their secrets.

This badge she’ll bear forever more: The Heartland’s Cross in purple

Surrounded by a field of gold, within a murex bordure.

One twelfth one twelfth the silk good’s tax shall flow into her coffers

That she may see to her upkeep and dress in proper fashion

They further Grant now unto her the arms she has recorded

An Angel standing white as snow against a sky of azure,

Bordered round with gyronny, eight blocks of white and sable.

These things were done in Royal Court, in Barony Three Rivers

The fourth day of the month of May, the year was eight and forty.

This writ confirmed by King’s own hand, the Queen signed in agreement.

D                             C

Basileus                Basilissa

When Donngal King by right wore Falcon Crown

Queen Catalina’s Wisdom did abound

The Pelicans in conclave did recount

How one among all subjects earned renown

Through decades’ toil by ancient battle ground

Where each year blossomed soldiers’ warlike town.

She planned the camp and set lanes’ markings down,

Made room for all who’d lodge in Falcon’s bower.

Her hospitality did make all proud.

Throughout the years she guarded well our lands

Each Crown in turn was served by thoughtful plan

Lest Calon hides escheat to ruffian.

At Matins, Lauds or Prime as they demand

From sparse used bed she climbs to show the map

To guide each road-worn pilgrim safe to camp

For fortnight’s nights late vigil does she stand.

And too she saw to victualling of army,

The golden broth that marked each victory

Beef dried and spiced to match the old decrees

And well dressed bread to make a soldier’s meal

The Falcon Host basked in camaraderie,

And told the tales of this day’s braveries.

Thus planted seed which greater host would reap.

Rich harvest through her work is plainly seen.

A Pelican would sacrifice her life

To feed her young and lead them to the light.

So has Belanna labored day and night

And truly earned the title greatly prized.

The Calon Crown did speak these words from high

Belanna de Rouge should bear the Peerage’s signs,

All dues and duties granted and implied.

And so as Crown They used Their Royal Right

To raise the subject up to rank sublime.

By Puddleford three days past New Year’s tide

At Tournament the Kingdom’s Heirs to find

By Rivers Three conjoined where she did bide

In Eighth and Forty year by reckoned style,

And with the Oath of Fealty did bind

Belanna as a Peer for all of time.

D    C
R    R



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