trimguy (trimguy) wrote,

Latest event schedule

It has been a while, but here is where I will be:

Jan 9 Calontir Coronation
Jan 16 Ansteorra Coronation
Jan 23 Ice Castles Atlantia
Jan 29-30  Birka East
Feb 6  Seven Deadly Sins, Aethelmaerc
Feb 13  ValDay Middle
Feb 20 WarCollege, Ansteorra
Feb 23 Estrella War,  Atenveldt
Mar 5  weekend off?
Mar 13-19 Gulf Wars
Mar 26  Calontir Crown
April 2  Trimaris Crown
April 9 Ansteorra Coronation
April 16 uncertain
April 22-24 Figments and Filaments, Kansas City
April 30 uncertain
May 1-6  West Kingdom Celebration
May 13  An Tir Crown
May 20 Caid Crown
May 27 Horse and Falcon Calontir
June 4  uncertain
June 10-16 War of the Lilies Calontir
June 18-25  SCA 50 Year
June 28-July 2  An Tir West War
July 9 Calontir Coronation  or July 7-10  Warrior and Warlords, Northshield
July 16 uncertain
July 23  uncertain
July 31- August 14 Pennsic
August 27 Atenveldt Crown??
August 31-Sept 5  Battlemoor Outlands
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