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Calon Cross scroll for Neathery of Safita

At Gulf Wars, the following was presented:

In Calontir, the Falcon Land, Martino reigns as Sovereign,
With wisdom clear and mercy just he makes the realm to prosper.
And by his side stands Ariel, the flower of the Kingdom
Whose belt of white and Laurelled brow bespeak her as full worthy.
But each of them served well the Realm, before their Royal Crowning.
And thus they know the long hours spent by all the Kingdom’s servants.
Within the realm was such a jewel, a treasure of the Heartland
Who lived in town of Safita, where summer burned like smithy.
Beneath the Crac de l’Ospital she built a place of learning
She summoned all the well-taught minds and students soon did follow
For year on year the learning bloomed and came forth many scholars.
Academy, Bright Falcon named, did fill the land with sages.
And so she did in Lily-lands, where summers likewise smoldered.
But scholar’s robes she’ll put aside when other tasks need tending,
Our summer war, which all enjoy, was aided by her guidance.
Her pen and brush too serve the Realm, producing Royal Charters.
By all these deeds her worth is known, and held up as example
For all to see and follow well, and note a realm’s true servant.
So as the Falcon flew to War, unbound by hood or jesses,
The Royal Pair, the King and Queen, did call this worthy forward.
“O, Neathery of Safita, We praise you in Court Royal,
And mark you with the Calon Cross, sign equal of your labors.
Join now this group who daily toil, for benefit of Kingdom,
And let none bar you from their ranks, lest they should see our anger.”

By these words did Martino and Ariel, King and Queen of Calontir create Neathery of
Safita a Companion of the Cross of Calontir, conveying to her all rights, duties and
responsibilities, on the 13th day of March, AS XLVII, while on campaign in Glenn Abhann.

This was done in Byzantine "City Verse" (my term for Political Verse).
Neathery has excavated at Safita, which is near the castle now known as the Crac de Chevallier.



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