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Upon this laptop, I have written many powerful pieces, managed a business, corresponded with friends and family, and so much more.  But before I begin, I must do one thing.

You see, almost 4 years ago I purchased this computer at a Black Friday sale.  Paul insisted that before I started really using it, Ishould bring it by so that he could install all the latest and best anti-malware, virus-hunting and hacker shield software available.  It was one more example of an open-handed offer to help that has been re-echoing through all the stories that I have heard these past ten days.

So I did the very initial set-up of the computer, performing introductions and registrations.  The computer required a password to return to active use after prolonged inactivity.  I mindlessly typed in my “standard” password (Yes, this is a public announcement that I do not practice particularly good password protection protocols.), but then thought, I will need to give Paul this password, so that he can operate the system to do those installations.

So I chose as my system password, “pavel”.  I figured neither he nor I would forget it.  He installed the software, and the system has performed admirably through all that time.  I never bothered changing that system access password, and have shared it with others who might need to use my computer.

Before I begin, I must do one thing:  I must invoke the name of pavel.  Names have power, and his has so much.  I shall continue to invoke his name.

Farewell, dear friend, and thanks for all the help.
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