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Breaking my silence

I have been quiet for a while, all to further a conspiracy of which I was a ringleader.
The results of the conspiracy can be viewed here
Since Lilies, I have had the suspicion that the blessed event would be happening in this time frame, and I had a few schedule issues that were involved also.  All the gory details follow.
I typically travel to Caid in October for Great Western War. It runs from the Wednesday to the Sunday before Columbus Day. I often then spend part of the week in LA, prowling the garment district looking for new trims. Usually the weekend before, I go to an event in Ansteorra or Outlands so that I have a bit of the driving done. This year the event of choice was Three Kings.

I am enrolled in a course on the History of Arkansas at the local community college. You can do the math on that yourself. Thus it would be best if I did not take a two week trip in the middle of the semester.

Our local event, Blood of Heroes, was the same weekend as Three Kings. I spent the summer saying, " I will be at Three Kings that weekend, and Great Western starts three days later." Note that I did not say that I was going to Great Western, just giving information about its timing. I am a sneaky bastard.

So I travelled down to Three Kings, but as I got there I realized I had not packed walls for my tent. I found one, which was 90% of the perimeter of my cot. Through clever rigging, I managed to make myself a little cubicle to sleep Friday night. Then came the mosquitos. I have not run in to many in the past few years, making them all the more annoying.

Sales were good, making that the first truly successful event since Pennsic. Lest I be further eaten by mosquitos, I packed up that night and headed for home. Many thanks to the Mooneschadin who fed me meat.

That night the police told me to stop doing 69 on the public roadway.

I got home about 2 am.

I woke up to a call from my mother. My brother Dave's mother-in-law, Mickey Hartwig had died in her sleep.
She had lived with Dave and Heather for the past 7 years or so, helping them raise their four children. She had been diagnosed with cancer just as they were moving from Wisconsin to Virginia a year and a half ago. Her funeral mass was to be the Monday a week later, which actually allowed me to attend, though with some insane driving.

I spent the week holed up in the house, avoiding the chance for Fionnualla to see me. Since I was going to miss class on the Tuesday after the funeral, I needed to write a paper for History class, and help snailstichrclean the house so that she could host her embroidery group. On Friday, I made myself a cloak out of low quality wool, which snailstichr
's father had gotten as part of a bankrupcy. You see, I needed a disguise for Saturday.

Friday night I drove up to Jeff City and crashed with Brockman, with ample discussion of Missouri politics. It looks good there as well.
I finished my writing for the ceremony, and went to bid.

I went to the event at noon and had arranged for the Lilies Committee meeting to be held up at the entrance, so as to remain unseen. I wandered down and got to see a bit of the event and waited for court. More specific narration is at evil_fionn
's site referenced above.
Post revel was great. though I spent as much time talking as singing. I also started a conversation with Hans, evil_fionn
's husband, that might end with him taking a belt from my hand.

Sunday morning, I left for Virginia. It was a trip of about 800 miles. Took all day, and twenty minutes of Monday.
When I got to my mother's and was checking my email, I noticed her AARP newsletter sitting open to an article entitled "Fifty words your grandkids think you don't know". I checked it out, checking off terms like tramp stamp, LOL, frenemy etc. One that I did not know was "Disco nap" , a nap taken in the early evening before a long night of clubbing. While it is tempting, snailstichr
and I agree that such a nap results with us waking up an 7 am. It has happened several times at Lilies.

Monday was Mickey's funeral. It was a very nice service. I will miss her.

I spent Tuesday in Virginia as well, watching John Henry's football game.  His team won 16-10, beating a previously undefeated team.
I will get to spend more time with them next month for Thanksgiving.

Wednesday was spent on the road again, another 800 miles home.  I took a long lunch to write a Laurel scroll, and then typed it in with my thumbs.

Thursday was spent dealing with a clogged sewer line at the other apartment.  Originally we thought there was a problem with the sewer auger, as it would not turn on.  Eventually we figured out that it was plugged into the outlet that was tied to a light switch, so was getting no power.

Friday I was writing notes for my class on Argent's Song for Bardic Bedlam, as well as writing my challenge for the event.  Morning was stretching to noon, and into afternoon.  I faced a 600 mile drive.  I got a message that I needed to pick up a musical instrument for delivery up there, and realized I had not sent out my trim orders yet.  So I was ready to leave at 5 pm. 

I made it 25 miles north of town and then ran into a wall of traffic.  I had never tried to fight the army of shoppers arriving for the Craft Fair, but when it took an hour to travel the next three miles, with no end in site, I realized that I would not be getting to site until 3 or 4 am.  In despair and frustration, I came home. 

This weekend I finished the last of my trim scanning, with thanks to Pavel for nudging my computer to allow Photoshop to open correctly.
I can now also print while online, listen through the good speakers, rather than the buzzbox in the monitor, and have updated virus protection. 

Saturday dinner was a wonderful poached salmon with a sauce of lemon, parsley, tarragon, capers and shallots.  Fabulous.

Sunday lunch at Pesto Cafe for Nina's birthday.  Several folks had never been there before, so I got kudos for suggesting the place. 
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