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My First Post on Daily Kos


So after lurking for two or more years, and finally signing up for an account last month, I found myself with a bit of a writer's block.  I read the front pagers, the recommended diaries and a fair number of the recent entries, and found myself nodding in agreement, wanting to add a point here or there, making a comment here or there.  But I was never really stirred to craft a full scale diary.

Then I went shopping for food for my big three-person watch party.
Mrs. trimguy had invited a friend to come over to watch, since his closer friends were too right-wing to spend the evening with.  She said I would pop some popcorn and we could watch the fireworks.

That gave me an idea...

Debate and Palin themed food

We already had popcorn, but shhh... that's a password.

Salad with "I can see the" Russian Dressing.

No mooseburger patties available in the land of Walmart,
so I went for salmon.

Disappointed that I could not get any "Putin raises his" Head Cheese.

Mixed Nuts.  Just 'cause.

I was hoping for cheap caviar to mix with dill.  Wait for it...
Roe w. Weed

Puffed Cheese Balls.  Cheesy and full of air.

And of course for dessert, Eskimo Pie.  I am not up to Baked Alaska on short notice.

Come up with more suggestions in the comments.

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