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Dolan's Ceremony

Based on Welsh Saga Poetry

Lyriel:               Three Laurel bearers are called into Council,

Andrixos, and Lief, and Maerwynn once Queen,

To speak as was spoken at Kris Kinder’s Martday.

                                                                                                <They enter>

Hirsch:              Three bearers of Art’s Crown, We’ll hear of your Counsel

Wordweaver, Boltcaster, and Sharer of Ken Hoard

War Camp sees fulfillment of Market Day’s Pleading.


Magdalena:       Twice seven years have I worn Crown of Laurel,

And to these three voices shall I join mine as well.

Case was well pleaded, the time is for action.


Andrixos:          Laurel tree’s plumage is the gift to the victor.

                        Apollo’s true love was the beauty of Art.

                        Let the green wreath rest upon Dolan’s brow.


Lief:                  Apollo far-shooter did love Daphne-Laurel,

                        Niobe’s brood bore the sting of his barbs

                        Thus it is fitting his mark should mark Dolan.


Maerwyn:         Laurel-Brothers and Sisters do humbly implore thee,

                        O wisest of Sovereigns, Strong Hirsch and Magdalena

                        Allow us to have Dolan as one of our own.


Hirsch:              Such pleadings are joyful when spoken by Laurels,

                        But you are just three of your Order’s se’en score.

                        Let all their voices be heard on this matter.


Lyriel:               Well-famed Laurel College, come now to throneside,

King and Queen need your attendance this day.

That you stand as witness for Art’s Crown bestowal.

                                                                                                <Laurels enter>

Magdalena:       Good Laurels assembled, We ask this grave question,

                        And seek your advise, lest fools We may seem.

                        Should Dolan Madoc of Harlech be one of your ilk?


Jane:                 Chosen am I to speak for Laurel’s Order.

                        Well pleased are we to have Dolan among us

                        And we as well ask that this great thing be done.


Hirsch:              Call now before us this high praised artist.

                        Let us see now the fine skills that he brings.

                        Fine archer and tale spinner is something to prize.


Lyriel:               Called now before Sovereigns, this man of two callings

                        Dolan Madoc of Harlech, famed of voice and of bow.

                        Come now to face fate at King and Queen’s hands.

                        <Procession with song>

                        <Includes Michael, Owain, Volkmar, Ruaidhri; attendants with covered shield,

furled banner, cloak, medallion on pillow, wreath on pillow, attendant following

Dolan and Kezia to hand her Baronial pillow>


Magdalena:       Has he endured the time honored custom,

                        Vigil’s travails which shape a man’s mind?

                        Is he unburdened to treat with us freely?


Andrixos:          Ordeal did he suffer, words given and taken.

                        Land’s cap he doffs briefly, lest that sway Royal mind,     <DMH removes coronet>

                        Last will he shed the green belt of my teaching.   <DMH removes apprentice belt>


                        Hear Calontir, and know of my glad heart.

                        My student, who swore to give you service by learning,

                        Fulfilled every oath and will serve you now well.


Hirsch:              Dolan Madoc, We ask you, this first time of asking,

                        Shall Laurel wreath mark you as Peer of Our Realm?

                        Will your oath bind you to the Land of the Falcon?


Dolan:              I say to Dread Sovereign, and likewise to True Queen,

                        If it meets with Your Blessing, ‘tis not mine to say no.

                        As always my fate shall rest safe in your hands.


Magdalena:       Then hear from the Realm’s Peers the wisdom of ages.

                        Each Order and symbol has hard learned lesson to give.

                        But Folk of the Heartland, give you keen ear as well.


Michael:           Hear now, Dolan Madoc, the lesson of Knighthood

                        By sword and by bloodshed do we keep the realm safe.

                        So as a Laurel, by long hours of effort, is high rank well earned.


                        (Michael will add addition remarks on this theme.)


Owain:            Hear now, Dolan Madoc, the Pelican’s teaching

                        Through bloodshed and service we strengthen the realm.

                        So as a Laurel, by sharing your Art-skill, the Falcon will thrive.


(Owain will add addition remarks on this theme.)


Tatjana:            Hear now, Dolan Madoc, the truth of the Laurel

                        By teaching and making we give beauty to realm.

                        Always the balance, student and projects, strive to maintain.


                        (Tatjana will add addition remarks on this theme.)


Volkmar:          Hear now, Dolan Madoc, what Peers Royal offer.

                        Crowns mark our brow for three fleeting seasons,

                        But till our last breath is realm’s care our work.


                        (Volkmar will add addition remarks on this theme.)


Sile:                  Hear now, Dolan Madoc, the wisdom of Roses.

                        As Queens we saw Art wrought by careful hands

                        Now duty commands us to make Beauty thrive.


                        (Sile will add addition remarks on this theme.)


Ruaidhri:           Hear now, Dolan Madoc, what the People will tell you.

                        From us you have come forth, from us have you learned

                        Forever remember ‘tis for us that you strive.


                        (Ruaidhri will add addition remarks on this theme.)


Andrixos:         The lessons are given, Good King and Queen Noble,

                        Dolan Madoc, and Realm’s-folk, have heard the old teachings.

                        But tradition demands that You enquire again.


Hirsch:             Well do We cherish these truths freely given

                        And ask Dolan Madoc to speak of his will.

                        Shall We go forward and make you a Laurel?


Dolan:              Peers’ words have I pondered and also the people’s

                        The lessons well learned will lead me through life.

                        And path to wreath Laurel I am ready to stride.


Maerwynn:       The man kneels before you, bearing no sign of peerage.

                        It is not fitting that he proceed unadorned.

                        May we bring Art’s signs to mark him as ours?


Magdalena:      Fitting it is that such an artist be fitted

                        With badges of rank so that all know his worth.

                        Let him wear henceforth the signs of Arts’ mast’ry.


Erich:                Know of the lineage of the medallion brought forward,

                        Crafted by Koshka, the Heartland’s first songsmith

                        By Morgana is gifted, on her grandson’s grand day.       <Hands medallion to Ingus>


Ingus:               This medallion of Laurel is badge of achievement

                        But listen with caution to leaves’ double tale

Well known for savor but in excess is poison


                        (Ingus will add addition remarks on this theme.) <Hands medallion to Magda>

Fernando:         This bright golden cloak shall mark you as Laurel

                        Proclaiming your talent to all who you meet

                        And also your duty to serve and to teach.


                        (Fernando will add addition remarks on this theme.) <Puts on cloak>


Eliane:              This chaplet of Laurel shall rest on your temples

                        You are now marked as were the greatest of yore

                        Victor and victim, judge and well judged, given and giving.


                        (Eliane will add addition remarks on this theme.) <Hands wreath to Hirsch>


Mikhael:           Good Sovereigns, I seek license to read this epistle

                        Penned by an archer and wordsmith of note

                        Know it brings with it a tear-stainéd arrow.


                        (Mikhael shall read the letter form Mathurin)


Andrixos:          Rich gifts have been given, these marks of new station.

                        Dolan kneels dressed as new Laurel should be

                        The third time of asking rests, Crowned heads, with You.


Hirsch:              We are pleased this day in Our good Dolan Madoc

                        And ask him for third time if this be his will

                        For after his answer there is no escaping.


Dolan               Compliant to Liege Lords, I kneel before you.

                        Instructed in Peers’ Lore I’ve great wisdom gained.

                        Now I am dressed as the Peer I henceforth shall be.


Hirsch:             Accept touch of scepters to pledge skills ever growing    <right shoulder>

Magdalena:       May your gentle demeanor reflect well on all               <left shoulder>

Both:                And ever pursue such goals laid before you.          <crossed over head>


Magdalena:       Dolan Madoc of Harlech, We shall bind to Heartland

                        With Oaths freely given, Honors for honor.

                        We seek from you now your Fealty Pledge.


Dolan:             Now pledge I Dolan to Crown my first Fealty

                        To do ever right in my life as a Peer

                        Art and Law’s Champion, and likewise the weakest


                        True to my word and in all dealings fair

                        Should ever I break this Oath as a Laurel

                        May splinters of yew spark the fire of my shame.




Hirsch and Magda:    Love for Oathspeaker is Our answer to Dolan

                        We swear to remember the promises made.

                        Esteem do we give to our archer and wordsmith.


This have we heard as you give Us your Fealty

                        And will repay with high honors the service you give

                        Doom for Lawbreaker if e’er should you fail.


Hirsch:             Arise Master Dolan the newest of Laurels

                        Let Falcon-folk behold the freshest of Peers

                        Receive hearty welcomes from your Artisan Brethren.


Magdalena:       Let herald’s voice proclaim to all here assembled

                        The writ of Our Wisdom with force now of Law.

                        The pen was your Laurel’s, the brush, Good Rolf Hobart’s.



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