June 5th, 2014


Laurel Scroll for Nicolas L'Anguile

I was most pleased to travel to Gleann Abhann this weekend past for Candlelight Camp, and the elevation to the Laurel of
Baron Nicolas L'Anguile, who dwelt awhile in Grimfells.

In River’s Vale, Gleann Abhann called, King Uther reigns as Sovereign,
And by his side Queen Brigit sits, alike in royal station.
The Argent Ram, whose Crowns They wear, has blessed this land with bounty:
White-girded Knights, by fealty bound, preserve the Kingdom’s Borders,
The Pelicans, who serve the Realm, do daily fight disorder,
But this day’s theme is artisans, who fill Our Land with beauty.
Since ancient times a Laurel wreath has marked the brow of crafters,
Whose scholarship and teaching skill provide broad inspiration,
And by their works of pen, and saw, and likewise nimble needle
Do fill the land with treasures rich the glory of Our Kingdom.
When one has mastered diverse skills, and shared them with Our People,
And bears himself with noble mien, and serves as fine example,
It is Our Royal Right and Will to recognize with Peerage
That all might see and all might know his value to Gleann Abhann.
A tailor skilled, a scholar sage, who served Our Royal grandsire
And by his raiment stakes his claim to Laurel’s leafy circlet.
The Baron Nicolas L’Anguile has knelt before his Sovereigns,
There vestments donned and warnings heard, and fealty oath did offer.
We name him Peer and Laurel true and bid him pray continue
To do such things and craft such works as brought him to Our notice.
From this day forth he badges bears and holds his arms by Patent.
His fire-steels shall send forth sparks of learning through the Kingdom.
We name him Peer, his rank increase, and grant him Royal License
To capture eels and elvers young and sell them in the markets,
And gift each year ten els of cloth, of finest silken damask.
These things we do the last of May, in Small Grey Bear’s fine holdings,
In year the ninth and fortieth, since first Our days were numbered.

Uther                                    Brigit
King                                       Queen