April 21st, 2014


County Scroll for Anton

While looking up something else, I realized that while I had posted Isabeau's County scroll here, I had not yet posted Anton's.

In interest of fairness.

We exalt now Our Kingly father, who flew as a Falcon,
Lithe Dancer in Battle, in every way regal,
Firm steward of Calontir, the gold-giving Anton,
His eyes ever watchful, seeing good in all subjects.

From Black-Star land came he, but so well learned our ways,
That only those with memory sharp knew him as other
Than true-born, purple-blooded son of the Heartland.
His noble deeds did prove he bore the Falcon's keen eye.

We exalt him for his true holding to true calling,
For as Our King Law-wise was he, and full counseled.
He held peers' words and thegns' as valued as bright gold,
And not even the smallest need escaped his eyes' gaze.

When at summer's start all did gather a Lilies' Lake,
Tradesmen and guild did raise red sword one to the other.
He let squabble play out as long as was seemly and merry,
Then invoked Royal Peace, lest eye be taken for an eye.

We exalt him as war-leader, who skimmed over waves of foe-blood
At ancient war-plain, made sacred by annual pilgrimages.
Woe to the Tyger, when facing the Falcon war-lusting.
His eyes set on Honour, the prize dearer than base Vict'ry.

We exalt Anton Raghelan, who served as King 'til this day.
We exalt Anton Raghelan, recognizing County's achievement.
We exalt Anton Raghelan, with gold 'battled brow-ring.
We exalt Anton, and pray to see through eyes clear as his.

By these words do We, Luther and Maerwyn, newly and rightly crowned King and Queen of Calontir, recognize Anton Raghelan as one who has ruled this Our Kingdom, and take joy in proclaiming his Comital rank and rights from this thirteenth day of September in the forty-third year of the Society ever onward.