March 31st, 2014


Scroll Text: Duncan of Skeene's Huscarl

In honor of my friend Duncan, who was invited into the Chivalry this weekend.

Fernando the Falcon and Lyriel, Lily,
Standing again at the Crossroads of Fate,
Enfolded and guarded by Calontir's Levy -
We stand at full ready to guard Phaedra's Gate.

Great is the power of the proud Falcon War Host,
Soldiers well trained who Our valour uphold,
With axes and scutums, greatsword and long spear,
Through weapons of warfare true glories unfold.

Yet in battle's peril a strong shield is needed,
A stout oaken shaft and keen bright axe blade.
Heart of the Heartland now calls Its protectors -
We summon the Huscarls by Our Ancestors made.

But still in Our war host their stands such a soldier
Well stocked with death blows - Wise in war's ways.
Our grand-dame's protector, a far traveled veteran,
Worthy of honor  - To the Hirth him We raise

Spiller of wound-dew, none best him in war-lust,
Fiercest in slaughter, this feeder of crows.
We Grant Arms and crossed axes to the sharp tongued Duncan
Called Skeene for his homeland, grim bane of Our foes.

Round his neck do We place now this badge of the Order,
And Grant to him always such privilege and right
As held since the first days by the Iren Hirth's warriors -
Well earned by their prowess, their valour, their might.

But with such advancement their comes also duty
To guard well Our borders against highlander's raid.
He must raise up a stone keep and a strong string of towers,
And send us nine coins of ten of the tolls that are paid.

By our seals we confirm it - his Lordship's high honour
On the seventeenth of February, the year XXXV.
On the sands of Estrella in Atenveldt's homelands
As Duncan has striven so shall we all strive.

Fernando the Falcon and Lyriel Lily.
Standing again at the Crossroads of Fate,
With Duncan of Skeene enrolled as a Huscarl
We stand now full ready to guard Phaedra's Gate.

Fernando Lyriel
Rey Reine