January 9th, 2014


Express Text

At Twelfth Night, I was approached by the Chamberlain, asking me to attend upon Their Majesties in Their Privy Chamber.
They needed a scroll text for court in an hour and a half.

Here is what I managed...

Fierce roll the dark clouds
Bringing doom to our foemen.
Black are the omens
For all those who oppose Us.
Our warhost is hewn
With the axes of huscarls
Unknowing of limb's pain
Once battle begins.
The lithman's axe crashes
Like swift strike of lightning,
Drawing all eyes to witness
What has been laid low.
When huscarls charge forward
Their roar is like thunder,
Death-dealing deep rumble,
The last sound slain foes hear.
Who of Our warhost
Is unflinching in tempest?
Which of Our soldiers
Brings foemen such fear?
Who should be trusted
With axes and duties?
Whose task as a huscarl
Is to guard Calontir?
Kneels now before Us
One worthy of honor
By battle's prowess,
His arm-strength did shine.
Conr Stumaere,
The Whirlwind of Melee.
Conr Sturmaere,
Whose sword stroke is lightning.
Conr Sturmaere,
Who roars warlike thunder.
Conr Sturmaere,
Be a Huscarl this day.

By these words did Damien and Issabell King and Queen of Calontir induct Conr Sturmaere
into the Order of the Iren Hirth, confirming all ancient and associated rights, responsibilities,
and badges conferred by law and custom on this the fourth day of January in the 48th year
of the Society in Our Barony of Lonely Tower.

Damien Rex   Issabell Regina

Without time to do research, I went with the baseless supposition that "Sturmaere" was etymologically related to "stormy".
I still haven't checked to see if it is the case, but it worked for the text.