January 5th, 2014


Two Scroll Texts

This weekend, my former Apprentice, Dolan Madoc of Harlech, and his lady Kezia von Holzenhaus stepped down as Baron and Baroness of Lonely Tower.
I had the opportunity to write their retirement texts, a Court Baronage for him, but as she already had a Court Baronage, she simply received a writ of retirement.

Once again, I checked out Jenny Rowland's Early Welsh Saga Poetry from the UARK library (I think I am the only one who checks it out.) and used it for my model.

Removed from the head is the Coronet.
From snowy locks intended for younger, darker hair,
As years and seasons turn, so barons and kings.

Lifted from the head is the Coronet.
Three years of serving by leading,
Led by seven pair royal crowned heads.

Taken from the brow is the Lonely Tower Coronet.
As it was in earliest day, to replaced with Laurel wreath,
Return in full to your songs, quarrels and tales.

Pulled from the head is the Crownlet of the land.
Hosts were led not with sword,
But bow and shaft, which slew many foes.

Doffed from the head is the Golden Coronet,
Lesser Crown of Greater Crown.
Marking ruler of Baronage, First Subject of King.

Withdrawn from the head is the browband of power
Its strength was your people
Its rule-right was your King.

Snatched from the head is the band of Unig Twr
For use by the successor,
Your term is well completed.

Dislodged from the head is Lonely Tower’s burden.
Grateful are your people, and Kings
For three long years of service.

Raised from the head is the Gold Coronet
To make room for silver,
The mark of service given and leisure gained.

Withdrawn from the head is the Coronet,
No longer Lonely Tower’s  Baron,
But ever in court Calontir.

Bared is the head of Coronet,
Making room for new journeys,
Go forth, Dolan Madoc, Court Baron henceforth.

By these words do We, Damien and Issabell, King and Queen of Calontir,  create Dolan Madoc of Harlech a Baron of Our Court, investing him will all ancient rights, including the use of a Coronet of Silver, surmounted by six pearls, from this fourth day of January in the forty eighth year of the Society, in Our Barony of Lonely Tower, which he did lately rule in Our name.

We Damien and Issabell, by grace of sword and strength of inspiration King and Queen of Calontir, confess and make known to all mankind, the great high esteem and parental love in which We hold Kezia von Holzenhaus, from whom We have most recently lifted the burden of serving among Our First Nobles as Our Baroness of Lonely Tower.   While We have granted her peace and retirement from all attendant duties, We are restricted from granting her the traditional and expected Baronage of Our Court, well earned through her deeds, as Our Most learned and wise Predecessors, Eringlen and Eleanor, saw fit to do so in ancient days.  Therefore, We double all land holdings originallygranted  in those days and command this Baroness to assemble all legal documents pertaining thereto and present them to Us two weeks hence for further adjudication.

Damien                  Issabell
Konig                     Konigen

For twenty years, Dolan and Kezia have advanced in rank, holding between them four Grants of Arms, two Court Baronages and a Peerage, and yet in none of the scrolls attached to them were they given any land holdings, as is so often the custom in Calontir scrolls at this level.  Their string of bad luck continues.  Kezia's retirement writ allows her to double her holdings of nothing, and is useless as it commands her to present documentation a week after Coronation....

BTW, I miscounted.  They had served as Baronage of Lonely Tower for four years.