October 15th, 2013


Oct 14

Yes, October 14 was yesterday. I just noticed the connection today.

My brother was at the infamous Steve Bartman game, where a foul ball led the Chicago Cubs down a path too well trodden. Yesterday was the tenth anniversary of that dark day.

A week or so later, I came up with a formulation that I repeat up to this day.

A brief note of explanation: the Bardic singing culture of Calontir emphasizes noble defeat, disaster in battle, and has a particular fixation on the Saxon loss at the Battle of Hastings.

Combining those two elements, I maintain this: Being a life-long Chicago Cubs fan has been the perfect preparation for being a Calontir bard.

It was only today that I noticed the real connection: October 14 is not only Bartman day, but also the anniversary of the Battle of Hastings.