September 17th, 2013


A Laurel Ceremony

snailstichr was elevated to the Laurel at Lilies, five years ago.
Herald:          O come now, Laurel College, all learnéd and sage.
          May you speak with the wisdom that comes with your art.
          By your hands are created the works of past age.
          Your High Sovereign and Consort would hear from your hearts.

          I am Christaen Jannsen who shapes clay by hand
          And as long as I’ve labored in southernmost shire
          Has there been too an artist, a prize of our land
          By the worth of her handwork she lifts herself higher.

          I am Liriel, Laurel, whose stitching brought fame.
          Many years have I watched as her needle skill grew.
          In both teaching and knowledge we’re judged now the same.
Liriel and Christaen
          Now as Laurels we humbly do seek boon from you.

Liriel:  For her skill and knowledge
Christaen:  And teaching and fostering of embroidery and needle arts,
Liriel:   We do ask that Fionna nic Alisdair be recognized as a Mistress of the Ancient
and Right Worshipful Order of the Laurel.Collapse )

          And receive now the dubbing, which by skill have you won
          May you always keep learning and building your skill.    DUBBING RIGHT
Belle:   May you treat all as equals, as you’ve always done.  DUBBING RIGHT
Both:  May this Laurel bring joy, as We know it will.  DUBBING HEAD

Anton:  O arise now good Laurel and go through the world
          Let all know this action was proper and meet.
Belle:  As the Order enfolds you and banner’s unfurled
          May you hear now the cry when strong work is complete.

Laurels:  Ta – da.

Anton:  Let the herald now read forth the words of Our Writ
Which Andrixos, her husband did ably compose
Belle:  Lady Eostre, gold belted with pen and true wit
          Marked Our Words and Our Wills so eternity knows.