July 7th, 2013


An Account of Pavel's Wake

I had been asked by someone far away for an account of the Celebration of Master Pavel that we held last weekend in Grimfells.  Here is what I wrote:

We had about 130 present at the wake, from 4 kingdoms, including Drachenwald (Duke Siridean and his wife Countess Siobhan were in town).  Things started about noon.  There was open fighting and then a tournament in Pavel's honor.  It was won by Sir Wulfric, one of Pavel's grandsquires (through Duke Joe Angus).  The tournament was followed by an understaffed game of Blood of Heroes, without the "proper" mix of weapons.  Archery happened throughout the day.  Many old friends showed up.

There was a group picture taken, visible at the following link.


There was a steak thing, singing, and drinking of prodigious amounts of beer, as well as gin and tonics.  Stories were told, tears were shed, songs were lifted to the heavens.

Late night eggrolls were produced in mass quantities, overwhelming the drunks. 

Into the fire was committed an honorably retired plywood scutum from Moonschadowe, the Ansteorran Province that has adopted so many of the Calontir ways (though they use plywood instead of aluminum).  The fire lasted well into the early hours.

He was given a good send-off.  Pictures may be viewed here: