May 28th, 2013


A Peerage Scroll

Since the scroll was delivered this weekend, I may now lift the embargo on the text.

Quite some time ago, I was asked to write this text.  I spoke to the recipient's wife, hoping to gain further details of his time period and persona.  The response that I got was "Calontir".  Not a great help in the beginning, but I think you can see where it drove me.

The knighting was done at the Roman Fort at Lilies, just before it was to be levelled.

Hear, O Calontir, these words and thoughts of Your Sovereigns, Valens and Comyn.
It is the great law of the world that all things decay, wither, and die.  The glory that was Rome, spread across three continents by the greatest army of the ages, is now but dust and tumbled stones.  The reign of Arthur, and the splendor of Camelot, resides now only in the realm of poets and storytellers.  The Saxon dominion over England, from which we as a people trace our descent, ended in the disaster of a single day.  A knight, well beloved in Our Lands and Our Hearts, felt compelled to retire from his martial peerage.  We stand this day on a sturdy bulwark, raised by the hands of Our Subjects, yet know that within a fortnight, it shall be plowed back into the dirt, leaving no trace of the glories it has witnessed.  And truly do We know that before the seasons turn again, We shall be required to surrender these Falcon Crowns, and shall rule no more. 
               But as true as it is that the brightest light of summer is followed by dark night, so also is it certain that the darkness shall be broken by the rising of a new sun, that glory might be reborn, continue, and grow.  Just as Arthur, facing the doom of his final battle, knighted young Tom of Warwick, begging him to spread the tales and truth of Camelot among all England’s lands, so do We choose to hear the words and pleadings of Our greatly esteemed Earl Roderick of Mandrake Hill, no longer bound to Us as sworn Knight, but bound as truly to Us through his love of this land.  He has asked Us that the man once his squire, Baron Duncan Bruce of Logan, fully recognized as a defender of the ideals of the Heartland, be recognized now and always for his martial prowess and steadfast commitment to act in all ways proper and upright. 
               As Our minds are in full concord with this pleading, so do We, Valens and Comyn, entrust this same Duncan Bruce of Logan with Sword and White Belt, Spurs and Authorities, Peer’s Mantle and Responsibilities, Gold Chain and Fealty Oaths, and  ask from him unending service to Ourselves and Those who follow Us, and the people of the Heartland.   We proclaim him now and henceforth to be a Knight, equal in right and obligation to all Brothers and Sisters of the Order of Chivalry, and elevate to the Rank of Peer of the Realm, charged ever and always with the solemn task of administering the Crown’s Justice, within the Laws and Customs of Our Realm.  We further confirm to him by Letters Patent his arms, to wit: Gules, a mallet within a two-headed snake in orle, heads at either end and respectant Or.  All these things do We do, say, proclaim, and enact by Our Royal Will, the Right of Law and Custom, and confirm by Our Hands and Seals this sixteenth day of June, in the Thirty-Fifth Year of the Society, at Our Fifteenth Lilies War.

Valens      Comyn

I believe that Fionna, Logan, and Fionualla are the only people that I have written two texts for.