May 5th, 2013


Two more scroll texts

This weekend, at Crown in Three Rivers, I was overjoyed to hear two of the scroll texts I wrote read and enacted, not so much for hearing my words, but for the recognition they conveyed.

When Donngal did reign as King and Catalina with him

All Calontir did live in joy for arts and crafts did prosper.

Within the realm there toiled with love for sake of Art’s enhancement

Konstantia Kaloethina lived on the Sea Forgotten

With jeweler’s tools she wove gold wire and on it mounted gemstones

But greater still the work she did inspiring hosts of craftsmen

Nobelese Largesse has blossomed forth and yielded rich art’s harvest

Throughout Knowne Worlde rich noble gifts are made for sake of others

And with each work a friendship grows and also love of learning

And now in half score foreign realms is taken up the pattern

Her plan embraced, the arts extolled, and craftsmen trading treasures

Such wondrous works could not stay cloaked from eyes of King and Consort

And so this day They do proclaim her worth to Crown and Kingdom

And at the Order’s strong request induct her as a member:

The Calon Cross her newest rank, reserved for realm’s great servants,

Shall welcome her with open arms, amazed at what she’s fostered.

She has all rights decreed by law and also Kingdom’s custom

All order’s conclaves shall attend and guard safe all their secrets.

This badge she’ll bear forever more: The Heartland’s Cross in purple

Surrounded by a field of gold, within a murex bordure.

One twelfth one twelfth the silk good’s tax shall flow into her coffers

That she may see to her upkeep and dress in proper fashion

They further Grant now unto her the arms she has recorded

An Angel standing white as snow against a sky of azure,

Bordered round with gyronny, eight blocks of white and sable.

These things were done in Royal Court, in Barony Three Rivers

The fourth day of the month of May, the year was eight and forty.

This writ confirmed by King’s own hand, the Queen signed in agreement.

D                             C

Basileus                Basilissa

When Donngal King by right wore Falcon Crown

Queen Catalina’s Wisdom did abound

The Pelicans in conclave did recount

How one among all subjects earned renown

Through decades’ toil by ancient battle ground

Where each year blossomed soldiers’ warlike town.

She planned the camp and set lanes’ markings down,

Made room for all who’d lodge in Falcon’s bower.

Her hospitality did make all proud.

Throughout the years she guarded well our lands

Each Crown in turn was served by thoughtful plan

Lest Calon hides escheat to ruffian.

At Matins, Lauds or Prime as they demand

From sparse used bed she climbs to show the map

To guide each road-worn pilgrim safe to camp

For fortnight’s nights late vigil does she stand.

And too she saw to victualling of army,

The golden broth that marked each victory

Beef dried and spiced to match the old decrees

And well dressed bread to make a soldier’s meal

The Falcon Host basked in camaraderie,

And told the tales of this day’s braveries.

Thus planted seed which greater host would reap.

Rich harvest through her work is plainly seen.

A Pelican would sacrifice her life

To feed her young and lead them to the light.

So has Belanna labored day and night

And truly earned the title greatly prized.

The Calon Crown did speak these words from high

Belanna de Rouge should bear the Peerage’s signs,

All dues and duties granted and implied.

And so as Crown They used Their Royal Right

To raise the subject up to rank sublime.

By Puddleford three days past New Year’s tide

At Tournament the Kingdom’s Heirs to find

By Rivers Three conjoined where she did bide

In Eighth and Forty year by reckoned style,

And with the Oath of Fealty did bind

Belanna as a Peer for all of time.

D    C
R    R