February 25th, 2013


Blogging from the belly of the blizzard

Went to Chieftains in Three Rivers this weekend. It was wonderful to see so many folks properly dressed for once. We were late getting in Friday night, and so I ran low on energy shortly after midnight at the post-revel.
Sunday we returned home and I repacked the truck while waiting for laundry to finish. I departed for Estrella by 8:30, hoping to make it to Amarillo. By midnight, I gave up, in part because it would have been wrong for my earliest night to have been that of the post-revel. So I stayed in OKC. Big mistake.

I am not sure I would have missed all the blizzard, but I have been stuck on the off ramp at McLean TX for 3+ hours, after paying $80 to get winched out of the ditch in Elk City OK. I am still warm, have had my sandwich, and have radio to listen to and Internet to surf.

Estrella has been notified that I will be late.
I will be OK for now.

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