October 21st, 2012


Isabeau's County scroll

Since I saw Simonetta post the scroll on Facebook, I take that as an excuse to post the scroll text here, to say nothing of her impending elevation to the Laurel:

The time has come to hear worthy praise

All set to verse like sweet Marie's lais.

The tale is noble, so tell far and near

How Isabeau Beauyeux ruled fair Calontir.

Pure was her lineage, from a Dragon Queen born,

But in the Realm of the Heartland did she wear the crown.

Sweet eyes and sweet smile did her visage adorn.

In grimmest of troubles she ne'er wore a frown.

See how she blossomed as Art's Patroness.

Each craftsman's endeavor with praise would she bless.

She did sing with the bards when given the chance,

And gentled base ruffians by hosting the dance.

Twice while she ruled she saw fractious wars

At Lilies six guilds tried to settle their scores.

Then to Pennsic's long-storied war-plain

She travelled with courtiers and great Royal train.

She inspired King Anton to loose Falcon's power,

While she charmed every heart as the gold Lily flower.

Now do We, Luther, the fresh crowne'd King,

And Maerwynn, Our Queen, take great joy in this thing.

We give coronet embattled of gold,

For Comptesse's rights and ranks does she hold.

And let heralds proclaim it so each gentle knows,

She is from this day forever a Dame of the Rose.

By these words do We, Luther and Maerwynn, newly and rightly crowned King and Queen of Calontir, recognize Isabeau Beauyeux as one who has ruled this Our Kingdom, and take joy in proclaiming her Comital rank and rights from this thirteenth day of September in the forty-third year of the Society ever onward.