September 22nd, 2012


Yet another Christine based scroll text

So why the sudden (re-)interest in Christine de Pizan?

Well it was all part of a conspiracy, hatched quickly and brought to fruition just in time.

You should read Viviana Rowe's post here:

The wonderful thing about that was that it allowed her to attend the Grimfells event this weekend,her first
since Lilies, and her last before leaving for France.  That was just enough time to arrange with Their Majesties
to accomplish the following:

The Falcon Crown of Calontir
Rules o’er a great land without peer
Hirsch King by strength of sword blows
Gave Magdalena Queen’s Rose
Together They rule with good cheer
And wisely this Realm do they steer.

And within these blessed Heartlands
Are many pursuers of Art.
Great treasures wrought by skillful hands
To Calontir glories impart.

Among them does one stand out clear.
Her skill is well known far and near.
Most pleasing the garments she sews,
And freely her knowledge she shows
Thus calming the new stitcher’s fear.
Such teaching to Crown is most dear.

But soon she shall walk foreign strands
To Lily-marked France she’ll depart
Crown acts now as Justice demands
Calon Lily grant by this Chart.

Of Crown’s Will let all folk take ear.
And mark well what is proclaimed here
With such rank thus do They impose
Rights which are Viviana Rowe’s.
Her loss from our land brings a tear,
Yet she goes with honors sincere.

By these words did Hirsch and Magdalena, King and Queen of Calontir elevate Viviana Rowe into the Order of the Calon Lily on the twenty second day of September, AS XLVII, in the Shire March of the Grimfells.

Hirsch Magdalena

Roi      Reine