September 16th, 2012


A Scroll Text

I was looking for my copy of Christine de Pizan, to search for models for a poem.  I could not find it, but did have one of the texts that I wrote based on one of her pieces.

Court Barony

Text: Master Andrixos

Fernando the Falcon-King crowned,
And Lyriel Lily-Queen found,
A Servant wise in all respect,
To help Them Their station perfect,
With succor and aid truly sound,
In whom order and statecraft abound.

These virtues adorn Elasait,
Who does far more than we would dare,
Ask of any.  We shall not forget,
And her worth We will praise everywhere.

So here her good works We expound -
Disorder and strife she'd confound,
While enacting Our orders direct,
To Our wishes she’d never object.
By her word Our household was bound,
And with her hard work she'd astound.

To her We are ever in debt,
For devotion heartfelt and rare.
To writ Royal Will We now set,
For a Courtier beyond all compare.

We proclaim to all gathered around,
She in service is Right Nobly gowned.
But let now her wise brow reflect,
New station as now she's bedecked,
With silver coronet pearled ‘round .
Baroness of Our Court well renowned.

And so from the Falcon Thrones, set in Our Shire of Lost Moor, was Elasait ingen Diarmata created a Baroness of Our Court on this 7th day of April, A.S. XXXV.

Fernando, Rey                Lyriel, Reine