August 19th, 2012


Ditch digger

That I have been in the past, as an archaeologist.

Now I am one as a property owner. 

Last year, just before Pennsic, I had to delay my departure in order to fix plumbing for my tenant about to move in next door.

This year, I had a leak in the supply line down the street about two weeks before leaving for Pennsic. 
I found and dug up the leak, and had professionals fix it.  They advised me that once I spring a leak in the black plastic lines, they are an endless source of leaks, and should be replaced.  I planned to do my trenching in temperatures somewhat less than the 95 that it had been reaching in July.

So I return from Pennsic to obvious evidence that the leak had returned. 

I have rented a concrete saw to tear up the driveway, purchased sledge hammer/ splitting maul to aid in same and have acquainted myself with the miracle of PEX tubing for replacement.  Now all I have to do is get 20 square feet of concrete overburden removed.

Oh, what joy.