August 16th, 2012


W is for...

A cute story from Pennsic.

Middle Sunday at Pennsic saw a moderate amount of rain.  Opening Ceremonies were held in the Barn.  It rained off and off throughout the day. 

Sunday night Calontir gathered in the Royal Pavilion for typical singing and camaraderie.  At some point made a comment like "A is for Atenveldt" that led to Fernando and I simultaneously to begin singing Erich's "Fighter's Alphabet".  We were doing fairly well, having to back up now and again, and occasionally asking, "What is J?"

We covered it all, if sloppily, except for W.  We we stumped.  We couldn't remember it to save our lives. 

But we had an out.

I grabbed my cellphone:

"elasait,  We have a bardic emergency!!!  We need Erich.  He is our only hope.  What is W?"

Of course the answer was that which we were suppressing from our mind.

"W is for the War, where we almost drowned."