August 11th, 2012


Kirk's Augmentation of Arms

Well pleased was I to have the chance to write this.
I had offered my onsite writing services to Her Majesty earlier in the war, and was offered the opportunity to compose this for my friend. As we were in a semi-public place, Her Majesty and I were speaking in somewhat obscure language. I asked whether I was to make it a "life-time achievement award" or concentrate on Kirk's most recent project, which brought 6 Calontiri to Pennsic for the first time. Her Majesty said a combination of both, to which I responded, "Perhaps portraying it as a golden capstone?"
She agreed, and suddenly I had my theme.

I spent some time with Duncan of Skeene, a Freemason, asking about masonic language, both "capital m and lower case m". I thank him for his help.

All the Knowne Worlde stands in awe of the Edifice that is Calontir. Equally does it stand as Fortress and Crafthall, Chancery and Palace. Plans were drawn long ago by architects seldom seen in these days, yet still does the work continue, stonecutters and bricklayers each adding their skilled contribution to that structure greater than all of us. We, Hirsch and Magdalena, blessed by the Master Builder to reign as King and Queen, are pleased to recognized the tireless labors and inspired vision of one of the great masons who has added so much to this Great Tower of the Heartlands. On the Battlefield has he been a Cornerstone of Our Wall. In his studio has his woodwork added strength and beauty to this great building, with his craftsmanship creating the very Symbol of Queenly Power. In the Halls of Governance has he advised and aided Most Royal Sovereigns and Most Humble Subjects, all for the sake of buttressing the walls. He has used the mason’s tools properly, the level to set a true course, the plumb to confirm the rightness of action, and the trowel to spread mortar, evenly bonding each stone together into a wall impregnable. At this Forty-First Pennsic War do We recognize the Golden Capstone of his efforts, which brought six new tradesmen to the most distant, most revered and most ancient of Worksites. So We do this day, the ninth of August, in the Forty-Seventh Year of the Society grant Master Kirk FitzDavid the Hallmark of the Heartlands by Augmenting his Arms with the Cross of Calatrava. May his Vision continue to inspire all those who labor with him in the ongoing building of Calontir.

Hirsch Magdalena
Roi Reine