July 29th, 2012


Sword of Calontir for Caillin MacKenzie

Since I am posting old scroll text on occasion, and the occasion today is my arrival at Pennsic,
here is one written to celebrate the deeds of Her Highness Caillin at Pennsic during the Reign of Semiaka and Xorazne.

Hear now from Semiaka, the Heartland's fierce Falcon
And heed now Xorazne, the Lily's bright bloom.
Warhost has mustered and bright harness polished
On oldest of warfields to meet with Our doom.
The broad plain of battle is well filled with peril,
But serves as a cruc'ble to test valour bold.
Marked We this fortnight the fires bright burning
Melting 'way baseness, revealing true gold.
Caillin, Our Princess, took joy in the warsong,
Put away gold cap for iron-black helm.
Proved worthy in battle as Our constant companion.
The strength of Her sword arm will guide well Our Realm.
From the Battle of Thirty to the woods' unhoped for vict'ry,
In sacking the town or 'neath walls of the keep,
She joined in the warfray and shined in Her Prowess.
Untold the foes' numbers She sent to Death's sleep.
Great joy do We take now in praising Our Princess,
And echo Her new name of "The Beast and the Blade".
Fore'er shall She bear the Sword of the Heartland,
Let these words of War King be always obeyed.

S    X
Krol  Krolovna