July 22nd, 2012


Upcoming events

I am at the Academy of Grace and Valor in Caerthe, a two-day event with a wonderful set of classes on Sat, concentrating on martial activities, and tourneys today. I leave Thursday for Unclepalooza in South Bend, then onto Pennsic on Monday. After that:

Aug 18. Weekend off. At home wit snailstichr
Aug 25. Atenveldt Crown (tenative)
Sept1-2. Trimaris Coronation
Sept 8. Meridies Coronation
Sept 15 uncertain
Sept 22 either Grimfells or Ansteora Coronation
Sept29. Likely Bryn Gwlad
Sept 30 pick up countess Claudia
Oct 2-7 Great Western War
Oct 8-10 shopping in LA Garment District
Oct 13 West Crown

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