June 26th, 2012


Owain's Pelican Scroll

I was inspired by a friend's words to post this text which I was honored to write.  I had help from HL Marcus de la Forest as dawn was breaking over a snowy Nebraska road.

(The model is from Jenny Rowland's Translation in Early Welsh Saga Poetry, pub. D. S. Brewer, 1990, p 495-6. It is from the Canu Heledd.)

Presented 1/26/02 by Dongal and Aislinn

Owain ap Bleddyn by his service
Ensured our success
Many fierce wars around great fair Calontir
And countless clashes.

The encampment of Owain at Armorgeddon
Calontir grants tribulation with bird of prey,
A healing hand - ministering to all petitioners.

The encampment of Owain at Atenveldt
Gentle aid even unto our foemen
A lion against the sickle of the Reaper.

The encampment of fameworthy Owain
On the banks of Lilies lake
Seven days and seven battles daily.

The encampment of Owain at Estrella
nurturing soldiers he practiced his rite.
Owain there showed skill.

The encampment of Owain at Lilieswar
The healing hand amidst the battle
Praiseworthy, one seeking to minister.

The seat of Owain at the Witan
A steady hand upon the reins
Great the praises of Calontir's Sovereigns.

The encampment of Owain at Northshield
He brought chalices full
In the midst of battle he fed well our soldiers.

The encampment of Owain at all wars
Blood mixed with salt water
He rekindled the strength of the Heartland.

The encampment of Owain at Mag Mor
Pelican badge treasure after long journey of service
And proper rites of installing a peer.

Because of the will of Dongal and Aislinn
Blood flows from a Pelican's breast
Joyous the day of elevation for Owain.

The Heartland has put on its frost cloak of winter
The Falcon makes haste to battle on St. Timothy's Day.
May we fight strengthened by Owain.