April 5th, 2012


Bess Darnley's Iren Fera

In foreign lands had We Our kin and birth,
But fortune steered our steps and made them roam.
No safer port for one who walks the earth,
By Calon love We made this land Our home.
To praise one who likewise is is right and fit.
Deep moved are We by deeds of valour seen.
All Calontir, pray heed this Royal Writ
Of Garick, King and Yas'min, His Fair Queen.
Whenever Falcon Host seeks warlike strife
Within its ranks Bess Darnley makes her stand.
With fame'd shield she guards companions' life.
That she join Iren Fera We command.
Cut jesses loose as Falcon flies to war,
And calls each time for Bess from Northern Shore.

Proclaimed by Royal Decree upon the Estrella Battlefield,
February 17, AS XXXIX

Garick            Yasamin
Rex                Khanumshah

Sir Lars' Augmentation of Arms

Hear through the Heartland  the Will of Crown Wearers

Lorell skilled in swordplay and Cadfael sharp Kwene.

We stand on this warfield well marked by a runestone

And honor the good works of one who so marked Our Realm.

From Jaravellir's steading he journeyed to Ystrad.

Then founded Gnomountain the scholars' strong hall.

He taught there the swordsong alone or in chorus.

This skald of the slaughter has wrought foe-felling words.

When Falcon Host musters and goes forth to gain glory

For nigh on three decades we still sing his song.

The test of a teacher is the strength of his students,

And by their achievements he has shaped this Heartland.

With skill of proud potter he smoothed the clay spinning,

And formed valued vessels which served well the realm.

With well sharpened chisel he left here his runemark,

Which looks over warvale and endures year by year.

Thus We with Will Royal do mark Lars Vilhjalmsson

And Augment his Arms with the Cross Calontir.

By these words did Lorell and Cadfael grant an Augmentation of Arms unto Lars Vilhjalmsson

on the fifth day of August, AS XLII, with Our Hands on the Pennsic Runestone which he carved.

Lorell Cadfael

King Queen