March 29th, 2012


Posting from Estrella

So here I am at Estrella War, a husk of a once proud event. Rule #1, Killer Bees, Double Flash Flood, Toilet Bowl of Doom, Cire the Trucker King, Friends don't let Friends sleep with Nematodes, Phaedra's Gate, Rollin' Back to Old Caid, Turkey Story, Winslow, AZ, Bus-o-doon, "I'm to Estrella War Flying", silica dust, "dead from behind", The Color Bar, Salt River Canyon, Halidar pinned to the bus ceiling, grey water, whack a mole, "berm", the railroad tracks of doom, fruit cops, "Spare the alfalfa", sunburn in Iowa in February, "I'm to Estrella War Driving", Outlands, the Broken Field Battle, "dead on the ground", drums, "my lord, I hit your head...", O, Ateveldtus."

So many excellent memories. So long to a war that helped build the Calontir Army.

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