February 16th, 2012


A Week of cooking, and other things

So Sunday night I arrived home after a 4008 mile trip.  However, 3850 miles into the trip, I starting feeling a bit of a tickle in the throat, and a bit of a runny nose.
Yes, it is my winter cold.  Winter is, of course, not the occasion, but rather the duration.  (in Latin, that would be expressed as an Accusative of Extent, rather than an Ablative of Time When)

I have done much extra sleeping during the week, and have it mostly under control.

On Tuesday, I filled orders that had accumulated through the trip, and found that the USPS website only allows me to store 10 labels at a time.  I had never known that before. 

This week, I cooked each night, as snailstichr is under pressure at work.

Monday night was a Chicken and Rice with Green Olives recipe she found at www.joythebaker.com

Tuesday (Valentine's) I did the Chicken Adobo from this month's Cook's Illustrated.  snailstichr
wants it again.

Wednesday was Chicken Mole, from the Cooks Illustrated Chicken Cookbook.  It was great for my cold. snailstichr was "meh".

I then gave her the chicken cookbook and asked her to pick something out for tonight.

Coq au Vin.

I should have had crusty French bread to soak up the wonderful sauce, which was wine, turkey broth, with pearl onions and mushrooms.   It took a fair amount of time to make, but I think will be quicker the next time around.  This time I actually harvested a non-trivial amount of parsley and thyme from my vast herbal plantation.

I think I have made a dent in the huge debt I owe  for abandoning her for a month.