January 12th, 2012


An Old Joke

A conversation at dinner tonight reminded me of one of snailstichr 's best lines.

Background:  In Calontir there is a specific position of Thegn, which serves as an advisor to the Crown. 
They are marked with a gold ring from the hand of the Crown.  I have served in this position twice, in the reign of Asgeirr and for Valens during his fifth reign.

It happenend that during the last days of the Reign of Garrick and Yasamin, I was travelling with His Highness Tristram to Estrella.
We spent the endless hours of the trip discussing His plans for the reign.  At some point, I asked His Highness if He had any particular role He would be using me in.

His Highness responded, "I know you have served as Thegn before, so while I will not appoint you to that specific position, I will use you as if you were a Thegn."

That night I called the wonderful snailstichr and recounted the conversation to her. 

Her response:  "You don't let that boy treat you that way until he gives you that shiny gold ring."
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