November 21st, 2011


Catching Up

I am in South Bend now, with family in preparation for Thanksgiving.

The trips have gone well.

Thanks to bdeb and valr for the crashspace, camaraderie and conversation.

Just a note.  I finished a scroll text in a persona appropriate poetic style that I have never used before less than 24 hours after I originally received the commission.  It has long lead time, so won't appear on this page for a while.

I saw the Staffordshire Horde.

Atlantians, you have no excuse not to go see it.

Anyone else who can manage to make it to DC should consider selling their refigerator to get the chance to see it.

I will have the exhibit book available for viewing for the next months in my travels.  It is a little bit "mass market" for my taste, but was put out by National Geographic, after all.

Still to attend this year:
Dec 3   Magna Fair,  Meridies
Dec 10   Kris Kinder   Calontir
Dec 17   Midwinter     Outlands.

I am still working on January and February, to say nothing of the insanity that is the end of March.


Well, crap

I just got word that I am wait-listed for Birka.  #3 of 27, but I have a fairly large and specific space requirement.

This may screw up my winter travel plans immensely.  I had been looking forward to visiting Boston for the first time.

I hate to hope for others' misfortunes, but on the other hand, if a few folks earlier on the list decided they needed to be elsewhere that weekend, it would reduce my stress level a bit.

To be clear, my situation arose because I registered on the 24th of October, after registration opened on the 1st.  They are operating on a first come, first serve basis.  Clearly there are several merchants who had not attended last year present this year, since more space has been opened up in the main hall (due to the musicians being placed elsewhere).  At least that implies something about the regrowth of the economy (though perhaps it says that more people have to pick up merchanting as a second job).

Here's to a snowy January for me.