October 25th, 2011


More of the Trip

So after seeing two shows las Wednesday, snailstichr and I drove down to the Philadelphia Museum of Art on Thursday, and spent the day until closing there.  We drove over to Wilmington, and spent a lovely evening catching up with Rhianwen, who is stuck in exile there for a short time longer.

Friday morning, I conveyed snailstichr safely into the hands of grnvixen and the other stitchers of the Plimouth jacket, tehn left for the Pittsburgh area.  I sold a bit of trim in Aethelmaerc on Saturday, and then drove back to Delaware on Saturday night.

Sunday morning Rhianwen and I got up and went to join the stitchers for breakfast, and then a trip back to Winterthur, for a more intense look at the jacket.

Then the three of us spent several hours on the tour of the Winterthur Mansion/Museum, your standard robber-baron fortress of solitude.  This one is specifically of the DuPont brand.

Rhianwen made us lovely crabcakes for dinner, and the we netflixxed Mrs. Doubtfire.

This morning we headed back to Gotham, in time to see "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" on Broadway, with a Dinner in an Irish pub.

All is wonderful.  Tomorrow is the Met, where I plan to get a picture of the plaid Byzantine tunic cuff.  Be afraid, world, be very afraid.