September 7th, 2011


Another Scroll text

My decades of study of classical and medieval literature and the application thereof has culminated in this.

When Rigela asked me to write the text, she said that she wanted it full of puns. I could not give her what she wanted. She got this instead.

In ancient days when the second named Anton reigned as King and with
Him Queen Isabeau, freshly delivered of the Princess Dumnonia, a great
debate arose in Calontir, over what form of strong drink was best to
raise the spirits of the Falcon-Folk and urge them to work for the
benefit of the Realm. Even the wisest of Huscarls and most learned
of OAFS could not reach a consensus, so strong were the virtues of the
competing brews. Came from the Midrealm sweet wine, pleasant to
taste, but quick to cause drunkenness. From the Outlands, a pale
pilsner, golden like their wheat, drinkable in great quantities on
hottest of days. But from Calontir, there was one who proclaimed the
virtue of native drink, black as the soil of the Heartland, with a
taste of bitterness, much like their songs. He spoke with authority
of Law, and had himself done much, and had inspired others to do much
more. He said, “It is not the presence of drink now that will cause
the Subjects to work, but rather, the promise of drink yet to come.
For serving this ale of the Heartlands too soon will lure our People
into inebriation, the foe of all good work. So better it is to
promise drink at the end of the day, even if it is not there, to
engender hard work among Your Huscarls and OAFS.”
Well did Anton and Isabeau consider such wisdom, but they had a second
question to ponder: in which container should such drink be held and
served? From the Midrealm came this answer: Of course, a Dragon
Flagon serves best. The men of the Stag argued the brew was better
in some Outlandish bottle. Again the wise man spoke, suggesting a
metal cylinder be wrought, cunningly sealed top and bottom, so strong
that it might equally serve as a target for weapon strikes during the
soldier’s training, as well a container for the chosen brew,
disguising the presence or absence of said drink from the workers,
hoping to inspire them to greater labors by the promise of a
monumental quaffing. Again, were Their Majesties Anton and Isabeau
impressed by the wisdom and thoughtfulness of Their Seneschal. They
decreed that such brew, in such a container be produced, that it might
further inspire Their People. And that is how They made the Order of
the Pellic Can for The Land’s Myth of Darkened Ale.
Or perhaps it was the Alan Smyth of Darkdale was inducted into the
Order of the Pelican on the third day of September, in Court Royal in
Vatavia, during the forty sixth year of the Society.

King Queen