August 29th, 2011


Marie Suzanne's Pelican text

This weekend saw the elevation of my good friend and partner-in-Lilies, Marie Suzanne von Westphalia to the Pelican. I had the honor to write the text. At the end of the text, Their Majesties are kind enough to give her the Oriental Trading Company, her employer.

Rejoice all ye Sons of the Heartland! Pay heed all you Daughters of Falcon! For Anton and Isabeau, true and undoubted King and Queen of Calontir proclaim here to all Their Loyal Subjects and henceforth to all who see and read this Charter Royal Their Intent and Will to grant due honors to Their Devoted Subject, ever a Faithful Servant of the Realm both in the days of Our Blessed Forbearers in even in the time of Our Own Royal Power, one Marie Suzanne von Westphalia. Truly has she, by her actions, service and devotion enriched Our Realm, strengthened Our Host, and brought Our People together in great celebration.

That this Marie Suzanne might henceforth be held in such high esteem by Our Selves, Our Successors and All Our Subjects who hold dear the Falcon, We command and require that such signal deeds and accomplishments by which We measure her worth be here recorded, that none might gainsay Our judgment, and that her works might be held up as an example of what might be expected of a Peer of Our Realm.

She did, as spring turned toward summer, marshal the great tentage, pavilions, tabernacles, and shades as were necessary to ensure the comfort of all at Our grand gatherings on the shores of Loch Smythe.

She did, through countless hours of labor, toil to see to the proper maintaining of Our lists, that each of Our men-at-arms, fyrdmen, huscarls, and knights be granted his fair opportunity to display his chivalric prowess without influence or favor.

She did, when Our Falcon Host did go on campaign, see to the strength of the warriors therein, lifting up the chalice of water to thirsting lips, and causing scores of others to do the same.

She did most recently call for Our Subjects and Our Guests to join again on the shores of Loch Smyth that they might celebrate most fully the Spirit of the Heartlands as expressed by the Lilies War.

By all these labors and many others has she demonstrated her great worth to this Realm and Our Society. Thus it is meet and fitting that We elevate her to the Title and Estate of Peer of the Realm and concurrently by Ancient Rite induct her into the Most Worshipful Order of the Pelican.

As Law and Custom demands, We imbue her with all Rights, Prerogatives and Perquisites as befits and accompanies such an elevation, including the rights to Heraldic Markers, to wit the right to the badge of the Order dependent upon a chain of gold, a cap of maintenance, a cloak marked with her arms surrounded by a bordure goute de sang, and a heraldic standard marked with a Cross of Calatrava at the hoist, and appropriate badges of her rank appended thereto. Moreover do We consign to her such license to allow her the right to vary these grantings in such way as to conform to the norms of her people. We further confirm to her the right to maintain a household of Protégés to whom she gives training and council, and command of her regular attendance at Our Conclaves of Pelicans, that she might tender to Us and to Our Successors the wisdom she has gained and displayed through her years of Service. That she might maintain herself properly in her new station do We grant and gift to her possession and seignorage over two warehouses hard by the Calontir River within the Barony of Lonely Tower, well provisioned with goods brought from far Cathay, that she may dispose of as she wishes, without let, bar or hindrance from any.

All things we do, enact, proclaim and make permanent by the attestation of Our Signatures Manual and affixation of Our Royal Seal, accomplished on the twenty seventh day of August in the forty sixth year of the Society, in Our Barony of Mag Mor.


Rex Regina