August 23rd, 2011


A long-lost scroll text

This was one of the most fun scroll texts I ever wrote.  I had lost track of it for several years and recently found it on a data recovery disk, so I am publishing it here to "cloud" it..

Even with the discussion of the "Ice Mafia" following this year's Lilies, I remain happy with this scroll, as I don't think that my words created anything that wasn't already there.

Unto Byron Logansson from Martino, Falco Capo di Tutti Capi, and Ariel, the one who makes all Our operations run smooth as silk, come greetings on this Feast Day of the Founders, when the thoughts of the people turn to snow and ice.


It has been told that when foreign invaders were foolish enough to attempt to hold the fair island of Sicily under their dominion, that there arose among the nobility in the rural regions a certain, shall We say, organization of upstanding gentlemen who were interested in preserving the local way of life and resisting the destructive influences of the Normans upon the land.  Since it has been the longstanding tradition within Our Falcon family to likewise resist the Normans at every opportunity, We are pleased when one of Our Subjects follows such a noble historical precedent.


By organizing the younger subjects at Our War of the Lilies, you provided them an opportunity to better themselves, to keep themselves out of trouble, and service to the community as a whole.  In recognition of this, We, Ariel, name you as Capo di Glace and award you with this, Our Queen’s Chalice, which must be delivered to Us, full of ice, three times at each Lilies War.  If certain eventualities cause this not to happen, We, Martino and Ariel, would be shocked to hear if all your wagons lost a wheel, causing all your ice to melt. 




This was given on December 3, 2005.