August 9th, 2011


At Pennsic


When August-month came time for raiding at the Lake of the Coopers, Anton Ard Righ of the Heartlands left Isabeau, freshly delivered of child, home safe from rigors of travels and warfare, and led three twenties of his finest soldiers, young and old, on the great Tain. Among that band was Baron Ruaidhri ua Cealleigh, who held lands far to the west, yet travelled far to the east with love of raiding and warring. He had been raised and taught in the House of Ternon, a great father of and in the Heartland.

For many years had Ruaidhri shielded with his body the Kings of Calontir as they strode to raid or war that he became known as the Blue Boar of the Heartlands, fo no matter the keenness of blade nor the sharpness of spear that cut at his hide, little could stop him from standing between his King and danger.

Baron Ruaidhri travelled with his King and fought long and hard under the shadow of a great mountain, keeping Anton safe from sling stones, spears and hurlybats. Now that place is known as Sliab Collach Gorm, the Mountain of the Blue Boar. So too the next day did Ruaidhri shelter well his King in the woods now called Foraois Ruaidhri. A pair of twenties of Tygermen were cut down by his blades and a twenty of twenties of deathblows aimed at his King were blocked by the Blue Boar.

Anton did, with Isabeau’s consent, give to Baron Ruaidhri the Claiomh of the Heartlands, the Sword of Calontir, marking him as among the bravest and boldest of warriors at the Fortieth Tain Pennsica on the ninth day of August in the Forty Sixth year of the Society.


Anton                   Isabeau

King                       Queen