June 21st, 2011


The Sport of Kings

This spring there has been some speculation regarding the change in schedule for Estrella War and the cascading impact that this will have on Calontir's schedule.

As has been announced, in 2012, Estrella will move to an old site and a new date.  http://www.estrellawar.org/

It will be held March 27-April 2.  This means, assuming that the schedule remains similar to years past, that the site will open to merchants on Sunday, March 25, the day after Coronation.

First of all, were it not for the move of location, I would not be returning.  I found the Florence site to be a fetid hell-hole.
I am not certain that either of the two moves is enough to save the war, but doing nothing was even worse.

It is my understanding that starting in 2013, Estrella will be scheduled for the week of roughly April 10-17.  Their thought is to make it as far after Gulf Wars as it had been before.

I will start with the following assumptions.  If you do not agree with the assumptions, you might come up with a different arrangement of events.

Assumption #1  The summer and winter reigns should be of comparable lengths. 

Assumption #2  The summer reign and winter reign should have equal opportunity to function at major wars (defined as Gulf, Estrella, Lilies and Pennsic).

Assumption #3  The current schedule, with Crown tourneys in January and July, and Coronations barely more than two months later has been less than successful.  The preparation time for the Coronet is severely compressed, with very little long term planning done, as all focus is on Coronation.

Assumption #4  Their Highnesses would benefit from a chance to attend at least one set of meetings of the peerage and GOA orders before Their Coronation, preferably near the center of the Kingdom.

Assumption #5.  Calontir's participation at Estrella is worth saving.

Assumption #6.  Having Estrella open two days after Spring Coronation 2012 would be unworkable, particularly since the new Crowns would only have 9 weeks from winning to appoint a general and make all of the Estrella arrangements.

Assumption #7  Kris Kinder and Lilies will remain the two events with the greatest number of order meetings.

Proposal #1:  Move Spring Coronation 2012 from March 24 to April 7.  This makes it one week after the second "winter" war, allowing the Crowns to retire in glory.    January Crown Tournament would remain on the same date, giving Ostwald and Kaye's Heirs an extra two weeks of planning time relative to the current schedule.

Proposal #1 is relatively independent of the following possible Crown and Coronation schedule.

Spring Coronation should be one week after Estrella.  Starting in the year 2013, that will be approximately April 22.

Therefor, Fall Coronation should be approximately October 12, but perhaps earlier in the month.  There is no close event that "rules" the end of the summer reign as Estrella (previously Gulf) does for the winter reign

So when should Crown Tourneys be held?

The most recent move of Crown Tourneys from early November to middle January and from early May to mid July was made to lessen the load of Their Highnesses and Their retinue.  I am willing to grant that the idea had some merit, but when weighing against the lack of preparation time imposed upon Their Highnesses, I think that shortening Their Highnesses' terms from four months to three would have been more reasonable.  (BTW, the original plan from the Royal couple that made the change was for Their Highnesses' term to be approximately 5 weeks.)

To hold the "meeting-palooza" events of Lilies and Kris Kinder without Heirs having been selected is a waste of the opportunity for Them to get quickly up to speed. 

Therefor I propose that the dates for Fall and Spring Crowns be May 20 and December 5.  December 5 represents the first weekend of the month, a week before Kris Kinder.  After Kris Kinder, Their Highnesses have three weeks of no events to do some initial arrangements.  Their Retinue will not need to travel for a month. 

May 20 represents the weekend before Horse and Falcon.  I have heard that having Crown at H&F this year was not a complete success.  Again, this arrangement gives Their Highnesses two events to attend (H&F and Lilies) in Their first five weeks as Royals, allowing Them quite a bit of "home time", before the travel picks up in mid July. 

Yes, these dates moves the length of the Prince and Princess reigns back to four to four and a half months, but the first month of each term is basically a "freebie", as the events therein to attend do not represent a significant additional burden for either Royal Couple or Entourage, since they are events likely to be attended anyway.

I await your comments.