May 9th, 2011


Kingdom A and S

This weekend we went up to Kansas City for Kingdom Arts and Sciences Championship.
snailstichr had Friday off as a result of oral surgery on Thursday, so we could have left any time we wanted.
I was a lazy bum, dealing with other things so we left around 5.  Dinner was spent going over the reseach papers
that we still needed to finish evaluating at St Louis/Atlanta/Panera Bread or some other of that ilk.
WE stopped to see rhodri2112  and Marie's new house.  Cool and quirky, and well laid out for what they love to do.
I can imagine post-revelling until dawn many times there.

We then travelled up to wombatgirl  and Ullfr's new house.  Also a joy, and well suited to them.  I picked up on some of the issues that
they discussed about it.   I doubt those will be real challenges to them, but rather opportunities for innovations... 

At the event, we got to place HE Issibel St Charles on Vigil for the Pelican, and saw the act taken to completion that night.

I only judged one item, a research paper that had started as documentation, then kept going.

I found a possible thesis on page 71.

Once again, I resolved, that in my spare time, I would undertake a project to the benefit of research papaer writers within the kingdom.
I plan to write four papers on the same topic, gauged to win 10-14, 15-19, 20-24, and 25 -28 points respectively.  I would make them available for writers to read before they start on their own work, so that they would see what kind of work is expected from such a paper.

At the post revel, and Sunday morning discussions, we engaged in the traditional Calontir Sport of bitching about Kingdom A and S and the Kingdom Criteria.

Many vowed to do something about it (myself included).  We will see how the followthrough holds up.

After that, I was introduced to the crack store for cooks, Restaurant Depot in KC.  Had I stayed another hour, I would have been convinced I could have opened a restaurant myself.   As it is, we will use it for many of our picnic supplies for Lilies.

And on the way home, we stopped and saw the new house belonging to snailstichr 's Protege.  (Never mind that she moved in almost a year ago.  I had not been there yet.)  So three new houses this weekend.  Pleasant all around