April 30th, 2011


The Calm in the Storm

Today I travelled to Namron for their Beltane event.

I saw that they were holding a Bardic Championship, with the theme of coming up with a name for their new Baronial pavilion.

Namron is Norman, OK, inthe center of Tornado Alley. Their central herldic charge is a pile wavy, in essence a funnel cloud.

That was enough to provide me with inspiration.

The Calm in the Storm

In the land of the Proud Sable Star/
The Baron said we need good shade/
Pavilion was brought from afar/
For once was Orlando obeyed.


In here dows all Namron belong/
In chill will it keep us all warm/
The refuge when winds blow so strong/
The calm in the rage of the storm/

On rooftop of snowiest white/
Would artisans paint Namron's shield/
Working through day and through night/
That your glory be shown 'cross the field/


Let new name in glory be sung/
That all of the world might know/
Even in dead Roman tongue/
Tranquilium in tempesto./

Our prayers are now skyward sent/
Preserve, please, our baronage wise/
Let funnels stay on Namron's tent/
Rather than in Namron's skies./

I am now the Title Bard of Namron.
More details in a later post.