February 19th, 2011


Sword of Calontir for Logan

Westward traveled the Qan Ashir, with His Falcon Ordu, filled with many ponies;
Under the desert Sun sat the Qatan Maerwynn, watching the Ordu lay waste to its foes;
Among Their Warriors was a loyal Ananda, ten years holding the rank of Bataar.
On the day celebrating the ascension, in the time of great grandfathers’ great grandfathers,
Of the first Qan of the Calon Tribe did this Bataar lead the foreriders of the Ordu against the foe.
A narrow bridge, filled with plowmen and citydwellers, was the only path to the pasture,
Filled with sweet grass, that Qan Ashir had pointed as the spot where He wished His ponies to graze.
Qatan Maerwynn had agreed that the land on the other side of the river would be pleasing,
For the many trees would give shade to Her ladies as they sewed the robes for the nobles of the Court.
Knowing that the Qan and Qatan desired and commanded that the whole Ordu cross the bridge,
The Bataar bravely advanced against these mud-stained tillers of soil, not caring the numbers he faced.
When confusion led some of his riders to turn their ponies back towards last night’s campsite,
This Bataar rode into the mob of men who tie themselves to houses of stone. Strong was his arm,
Cutting into the ranks of the settled, and introducing many of them to their long-dead ancestors.
So much did his courage inspire those who rode with him that they again turned their ponies, and rode
To where he fought, to save him, and celebrate him, and join him in his glory.
The Qatan Maerwynn saw all this and said to the Qan Ashir, “Brave was this Bataar, and gold robes and
Gold armor should We give to him.” The Qan Ashir saw all this and said to the Qatan Maerwynn,
“Noble is this Bataar, and yet bright clothing and armor means little to a warrior.
To him should We give a Timur, sharp bladed, even the Timur of Calontir
To show to all within the Ordu how this Ananda and Bataar, Duncan Bruce of Logan
Was best and bravest of all those for whom the saddle is home.
And Qatan Maerwynn thought this gift was a proper thing, so caused it to be said
Under all corners of the Blue Sky on the nineteenth day of the Iron Tiger month,
In the year of the White Rabbit, with the mountains of Atenveldt witnessing
The glory of the Calontir Ordu in the forty fifth year from the foundation of the great tribe.
Ashir Maerwynn
Qan Qatan