January 30th, 2011


A change in plans

My mom and I were going to check out of the motel and tour Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty tomorrow, driving halfway through Pennsylvania Monday night and then on to Indiana on Tuesday, but...

There is a big storm, ice-laden, planning to march across the upper Midwest, hitting Indiana and points eastward late Monday night and through Tuesday.

Therefor, we will depart in the morning, and drive all the way to South Bend tomorrow night.

This weekend was good, though, in part, for not the best of reasons. A major competitor was involved in an accident on the way to the event, and had to cancel. I have not heard any further information, so will not needlessly speculate.

It was good to see so many friends who I see so rarely, ksmaninns , bernina2000de ,goldsquare , and liamstliam 

Mom has had a great time in New York.  She has agreed to accompany me on future Birka trips, and is thinking about having me drop her off in Boston next time.

It will be good to be heading home.  Catch you next time, big green lady with the lamp.