January 26th, 2011


Snow of Doom? Neh

So today in New York, the snow started early.
It did not seem to be too bad during the day, but my mother was worried.
So we did the Cloisters and called it a day midafternoon.  We did laundry and I picked up microvable food
for the Motel room, rather than eat out.

With the interesting multi-color waves of radar blips floating over the City, she has changed her target museum tomorrow to one that will only have her walking one block through the snow, rather than three or four.

snailstichr  has been worried about Birka getting cancelled.  I am not concerned in the least.  Could my readers from the East reassure her in the professionalism and effectiveness of snow removal in the region?

And me?  I will be walking the Garment District looking for the next cool thing.