January 1st, 2011


A Decade of Bliss

Ten years ago, on New Year's Eve and Day, I fell into the arms of and into love with snailstichr .  A few years later on the smae night, I risked all and hoped to make it for all time,  You can understand why New Year's means so such to us.  While a digit shifts in the counting of years, little else changes, as we gather with friends, sing the traditional song, and welcome whatever challenges we will face.

Happy New Year, one and all.

A Grimfells Tradition

Is the New Year's Party.
This year it was held in Columbia, with 8 (or 9 if you count alasdairfyrd ) of us coming up in 2 (or 3) vehicles.  Good time.

Late in the night there was a suggestion that next year's might be held in Kansas City at Rhianwen's, the site of the Monster party of 2007-2008.   A Grimfeller commented that it would be in the north two years in a row.  As often happens in such situations, the tables were turned.

The 2011-2012 party will be held at Chez Sheaghda and Mar.  The theme for costumes shall be "Bad Ideas for Superheroes."

The 2012-2013 party will be at Rhianwen's.  The theme has yet to be determined.