October 29th, 2010


For Celegur

We sing for the warrior who stood nobly beside us
He's seen his last battle, he' s seen his last dawn
We sing now Non Nobis, for that is our practice.
We reach for shield brother, our brother is gone.

Heartstrong as oakwood in Oakheart was nurtured
Spendthrift of friendship and free with a smile
How much did we treasure his time spent among us?
What wouldn't we give could he bide yet a while?

He joined us on weekends to live lives of honor
Chivalry guiding from start until end
Brother and sister bore loftier titles
But what rank is nobler than to call a man friend?


We gather together and tell his life's story
Hearts through the Heartland shed warm salty tears
Let kindness and joy be his lasting gift to us
Let Celegur's name be not lost to the years.