October 1st, 2010


Cooking Chili: Is that what you kids call it these days?

I was at the center of all evil store based in Bentonville to pick up groceries for dinner.  I had reached the parking lot without a good idea.
I wanted something quick, since I was hoping to get a fair amount of packing done, but upscalable, as I hoping to leavesnailstichr  a fair amount of leftovers.  I will be leaving for about twelve days, and I fear she might starve when left to her own devices in the kitchen.

So I decided on chili by the time I had reached the elderly greeter.

I stopped by the canned bean aisle and as I reached for the beans, I heard the couple next to me saying, "Now we need chili powder."  I smiled inwardly, and then headed to the canned tomato section, where I heard another couple  say, " Now we need beans."
As they went by me, I said, "It seems like everyone is making chili tonight."

Nowsnailstichr  can't buy any frozen tv dinners, because there is no room in the chili-laden freezer.  We used every plastic food storage unit that had a matching lid.  If we were at all clever, we would discard the remainder.