August 2nd, 2010


Leaving for Pennsic

From South Bend, IN

I have spent the last few days at my family's new swanky digs just outside of South Bend, as my SIL has a new job at Notre Dame. Swimming and football with the kids, a long honeydo list from my mom, and just enough decompression before the actual hectic whirlpool that is Pennsic. I will stop back here for a day or so on the way home as well.

I was up late last night doing minor tent repairs, and am taking Mom's sewing machine to Pennsic to make myself a new Falcon tabard.

See everyone at War in 6 plus hours, at home in 16 plus days.

For the record, this is my 29th Pennsic. I believe that Lars has me beat, but no one else from Calontir.