July 8th, 2010


Home from long trip

I went to a small event in Caid, but my appearance was well publicized locally, so I had an incredible per capita sales day.

Then a couple days in Los Angeles in the garment district, new sources and new trim!

Up to AnTir West War. Thanks again to Dafne for taking care of us.

From Page 4 of the site booket:
While you are enjoying the beautiful Oregon coast, please be aware that there is a risk of earthquakes and tsunamis. If you feel the ground shake hard, please move quickly inland and uphill. The event site (ed. approx. 3/4 miles inland) is NOT in the tsunami inundation zone, but the access road and ocean beaches are. Do NOT get in your car and drive if you feel a large earthquake.  You have 15-20 minutes before the tsunami arrives, so don't waste time by getting in your car.  The earthquake will be your only warning signal.  If the tsunami is from a local Cascadia source, it will be big with waves arriving for several hours.  Do NOT go down to the beach to watch, unless you want the SCA to start its own Darwin Awards.  If there is a dsitant tsunami warning or watch, there will be plenty of time to evacuate and it's best to follow the instructions of first responders and event staff.  A distant tsunami will likely have minimal effect on the event site.

And I thought Lilies was strange to include Zombie warnings in the evnt book last year.

Until Saturday afternoon, when I was seated in my chair.  Someone came up behind me and wiggled the chair, but ran away when I looked around to see who did it.

Ten minutes later, I heard my neighbors discussing the earthquake we had just experienced.

It was my first, a 3.0, entered about 3 miles from site.

No tsunamis.