May 8th, 2010


Two Duchesses

Have castigated me for identifying a lying plagarist on the Calontir list. If Ladies of the Rose feel that it is fine to appropriate the words of others and claim credit for them, then perhaps my tongue and pen should grow silent, as I have no right to defend my own work. Authors, and I know there are several of you out there, what say you?

Conditions in Toledo

Foul, nasty, fetid.

I arrived last night at 11:30pm to find troll closed. There had been major rain 3 hours earlier. The ground was soupy to soggy. There was no merchant coordinator to send me to an assigned space.

I set up my tent, top only, and went for a motel room. Got up, got tarp and cheep carpet from Wally, then made it to site.

I could not park cloder than 60 ft from my tent, sohad to hoof in everything. I was about ready for real sales to begin at noon, just as the tornado siren began. Must have been a drill.

It has been in the 40s & 50s all day, with winds at a constant 30mph and gusts of 50mph.

Last weekend trim was packed quickly, without neat pinning. Never unpacked this week, due to layover in n'ville. Paid for it today. Streamers evrywhere.

Everyone is too cold to shop. Court is now over, no post court rush. I may just pack up and drive to South Bend tonight.