May 5th, 2010


Happy 32nd Anniversary, Darling

Those of you who pay close attention might note that snailstichr and I got married on July 2, 2005.

When we chose the date, I acknowledged that I would be unable to travel in the future to the AnTir West War, as that would fall on our anniversary. 

For several years, we have bought season tickets to the Broadway series at the Walton Arts Center, often portraying it as our anniversary present to each other. 

Sometime in the last year, she mentioned that she considers it to be our anniversary whenever we attend a play or musical together.  I asked whether that means that I could go to AWW.  She agreed.

Last night was the last night of the Walton season for us.  We saw Grease.

I told snailstichr  "Happy Thirtieth Anniversary", thinking we had seen 30 plays or so. 
After the show, and late night sushi, we went home and counted the shows we had seen.
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